From Ciudad Perdida to Globeville

Hey world, we’re Lost City @ Taxi. We’re taking over Black Black Coffee (thanks Josh!) and will soon roll out a new website, a new menu, and a new international perspective that includes a commitment to long term impact for refugee and immigrant communities (hey Comal, you’re amazing and we’re thrilled to have the best neighbor in town).

The name Lost City is meant to capture both a global and local perspective on progress. First inspired by Teyuna, ‘la ciudad perdida’ in northern Colombia, it evokes other lost places around the world and closer to home here in Colorado, from Mesa Verde to abandoned mining towns. And it honors the lost city of Globeville, our isolated neighborhood formerly incorporated as a city of its own in 1891, before being annexed by Denver and cut into pieces by development and freeways. And despite being in the vibrant and renewed heart of Denver, Taxi itself feels a bit like its own lost city.

Over the winter we’ll be working on a Colorado farms-focused food program, expanding our coffee offerings in partnership with Method Roasters(in case you were wondering yes, this includes drip coffee and cream and sugar while maintaining the high quality that Black Black established), a creative craft cocktail bar next spring, and a beautiful new space full of plants inside and out. Look forward to weekly language classes (Spanish, French, Norwegian and more), a curated book selection, and a multitude of independent live music and events.

Starting end of October our winter hours will be 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday. We’ll be significantly expanding our hours in the spring when we launch our bar and evening menu. Until then, we’re in full test and meet the community mode- please get in touch or stop by to share your ideas for what you want to see on the menu, events, music, and partnerships for impact, or just to say hey. Email us at:

Need a meeting or event catered? We’ll be rolling out a catering menu shortly, but hit us up in the meantime at and we’ll see what we can do with coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and lunch.

Much more soon from the Lost City team. We’re thrilled to be joining the Taxi community and getting to know you all!